Well, its been over 3 years since my last post, and I’ve finally decided to give this another try.  My inspiration?  The Great British Bake Off!  We started watching it on PBS while waiting for Downton Abbey to start and got hooked.  By the finale I had my baking mojo back and was ready to go.  I hadn’t felt very inspired in the kitchen for quite awhile.  Lots of reasons, although the winter weather certainly didn’t help.  But we survived the snow-pocalypse last week and spring is finally in the air.  We were able to work in the garden over the past weekend for the first time this year, the frogs have started singing in the woods and the Bake Off has got me excited about baking again.  So I’ve decided to challenge myself to make at least one recipe from each episode from the fifth season.  The tentative schedule is below, but I don’t want this to feel like a chore so I’m not setting any deadlines — I’m just going to do my best to work through the list.  Wish me luck!

Episode         Bake

1                      Swiss roll

2                      Savory biscuits

3                      Ciabatta

4                      Self-saucing pudding

5                      Custard tart

6                      Yeast-leavened cake

7                      Eclairs

8                      Doughnuts

9                      Baklava

10                    Croissants

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