Chocolate Roll with Cappuccino Cream


DSC_0024aGreat British Bake Off Episode 1 — Swiss Roll

Episode 1’s bakes were a Swiss roll (signature), a cherry cake (technical) and classic mini British cakes (showstopper) — I decided to do the Swiss roll.  Even though I’ve made a pumpkin roll once before (and I’m trying hard to choose things that I’ve never made), the other choices from this episode really didn’t appeal to me.  So Swiss roll it was!

My original plan was to make some sort of gigantic Ho Ho, but in the end I chose this chocolate roll with cappuccino cream from Gourmet.  Based on the reviews I skipped the gelatin in the filling and decreased the espresso powder to 1 tablespoon.  I also decided to keep things simple and skipped the garnish as well — I just topped the cake with sifted cocoa powder and confectioner’s sugar.

My caked cracked quite a bit when I rolled it up, and because I didn’t include the garnish there wasn’t really a way to hide the cracks.  I probably would have lost some points for presentation, but it tasted great — there were no complaints from the judges:




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